Sail Over Bumps & Bruises

Life happens,  but if we are prepared we can sail over most of the daily bumps and bruises along the way with grace. As of mom of 4 active kids, I need to be prepared physically and emotionally for what may pop up throughout the day. For me this includes, having good foods to feed them when they come home from school, have dinner ready before the sun goes down, and have essential oils near by at all times. 
We live in a small community, my kids play freely outside a lot of the time. You never know when someone will come in with a new scrape or gash from falling off a bike or roller blades.  We always have our First Aid Roll-on available. It’s a blend of essential oils that calm the area, calm the child and help the boo-boo heal faster.  Lavender is all things calming, Geranium is a friend to our skin at any age, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) is antibacterial and helps wounds heal while disinfecting them, and Frankincense helps everything do it’s job better and helps new skin cells grow. This all-purpose, all ages blend is a must have for the family first aid kit, because life happens… be prepared.

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