Life Happens, Be Prepared

We really never know what will happen in life from one moment to the next. 

This past year has shined the light on that more than ever before… at least in my life time. 

We can plan our day, go about our routines, take care of our basic needs. 

Somedays are super fun and exciting, others can drag on. 

Hopefully most days are good enough. 

Sometimes something magical can happen on the way home. Like finding a parking spot right in front of your door on a cold rainy night and it feels like a kiss from Heaven. 

Maybe you met someone who says something that strikes a deep cord and you have a new insight.

Sometimes your kid falls off his bike while riding around with friends, there is some blood, but mostly it is his ego that hurts.  We need tools for what life brings in these moments. 

That’s one of the many reasons I love being an essential-momma! 

I always have my oils onhand and I am ready for what life throws at me (most of the time).

Simple, safe and effective essential oils are my goto for most things in life these days.

With kids, most scrapes, bruises, teen acne and so much more can be handled with some tea tree, lavender and frankincense oils. 

I love that the oils are versatile and can be used in different ways for different days. 

They are practical, easy to take with you and easy to use. 

As a mom of 4 with her own business, I don’t have time for things that do not work. 

What needs attention in your life?

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