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One of the great things about being apart of our team, is that there are different ways to do it! You can work at your own pace & weave this business into your life in a way that works for YOU!


We’re building our team, and we want you!

– Want to build a business that works with your life?

– Interested in one-on-one business development mentorship?

– Passionate about natural health care solutions for the whole family?

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about the teamWhat We Offer

As a team-member, you will receive all the tools you need to start your own, viable business working with essential oils.


Learn about developing a sustainable business from home (or beyond if you chose) based on the healing power of essential oils.


Participate in one-on-one private mentoring. I am here to support and empower you to use essential oils wisely. Our calls include mentorship on best healthcare practice, essential oil education as well as practical advice and guidance about developing your business.


Collaborate weekly with a team of like-minded, business owners from around the world! Weekly team calls are an amazing way to collaborate with and learn from other oil enthusiasts who growing their businesses.


Receive special bonuses and discounts and other products. Learn how to expand your current business or healing practice by adding essential oils to your mix.


Being a part of our team means that we are in a growing relationship. You will learn how to use essential oils for optimal health outcomes and learn how to develop and grow a profitable business out of your knowledge.


We are committed to your success. Your success IS our success!

We are here to help you succeed in a way that works best for you!

When someone asks me, “what do you do?” I feel extremely blessed to answer. I am an aromatherapist, and I spend most of my time helping people be more physically and emotionally healthy. The fact that my work offers business opportunity to others as well is a huge bonus.
I’ve come to understand the awesome healing power of essential oils and am  grateful to share this unique blend of ancient wisdom & modern science with my clients, my team and family.
Our business is built on the philosophy that often there are very simple solutions to everyday problems – our products and our business model follow that same principle: We use pure, natural ingredients that you can pronounce, and offer simple steps and instruction about building your own wellness business.
Our team is based on a network marketing model, which offers you the choice to personalize your business, crank up your workload and profits, or take it a little slower…the pace is flexible and it?s totally up to you.

Is There Only One Way To Join Our Team?


One of the great things about being a part of our team, is that there are different ways to do it…you can work at your own pace and weave this business into your life in a way that works for YOU.
Biodiversity exists in nature as it does in each of us. Imagine a field of wild lavender…there is not a single stalk that is exactly the same as another; we each come to our lives with a huge spectrum of unique gifts to offer the world. We recognize the beauty and incredible potential in that diversity and we celebrate that! We are here to help you succeed in a way that works best for you. Fill out the short form below and we’ll schedule a time to discuss your specific business goals. Count on this being awesome