Her New Story

We all have a story we tell ourselves, about ourselves. Who we are. Who we think we are. Who our co-workers and neighbors think we are.
But we are so much more than that story! And sometimes the story is old, and no longer true, but we continue to play the part.
I love helping women identify where they are stuck in an old habit or pattern so that they can change it.
Perhaps a childhood memory that still whispers in their ear when they walk into a room- and shakes their confidence to the core. Maybe a memory of a personal failure or failed relationship that has impacted how they show up in their current relationship.
Time to let go of old messages that no longer serve us!
Let’s set it free with fragrance!
At the Oil For Me, we love making personal perfume, blends to help release old patterns and beliefs by sending chemical messages to the brain in the form of essential oils.
Need some confidence in your personal life? Let’s spice it up with some cinnamon.
Need to believe you deserve more? That the world is waiting to shower you with abundance if you would just step forward to receive it? Let’s add some orange oil.
Need to think about the situation differently? How about some lemon or rosemary?
Self-love is what you lack? Oh my dear, let’s get you some grapefruit and geranium oils going!
Using high quality, essential oils on a regular basis, can create big shifts in how we walk in this world.
Essential oils help carve new neural pathways when applied daily.
I have seen this happen time and again!
What new story is waiting to unfold for you?
Give me a call, I love creating these blends for people!

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