Her New Story

Her New Story is a new line of individually crafted essential oil blends for women.
We all have stories. Stories of our childhood, stories of our first romance, stories of summer camp or summer vacation.

We have the stories that shape our lives, our thinking and the way we do things. Tragic stories that have broken our hearts.

We even have stories, that we have created, about ourselves- that are not even true. Maybe a story that was true, but no longer is, and we need to release it somehow to move forward in our lives, our career, our relationships.
Essential oils are aromatic compounds, extracted from plants and trees. Using the chemical compounds that are naturally occurring in the plants, we can use the oils extracted to help with our physical and emotional bodies. I’m talking with the emotional stuff here today.

Each oil has emotional properties. So we can help set the tone of our day, or any moment throughout the day, by smelling essential oils with specific properties that we want to embody.

Let’s say I’m feeling anxious or stressed out. I can reach for Clary Sage oil, that is known to be calming, grounding. Clary Sage helps with cortisol and GABA production in the limbic part of the brain, the emotional center of our brain. This calms our thoughts, and gives us a chance to take control of our emotions.


Imagine you have a fear of small spaces. You are stepping into an elevator, going for a call-back interview, for the job you really want. You step into the elevator with 6 strangers. The doors close and you need to take it to the 23rd floor. Every other floor the elevator is stopping letting people on and off. It is the longest elevator ride of your life. You need to calm down and get into a better head space for the interview. All your stress responses are firing.
Then you remember, your roommate gave you a little bottle of her essential oils to help you not be stressed out for your interview. Perhaps a bit awkward surrounded by strangers, but, chances are you will never see them again. So you pull out the oil and start applying like perfume to your wrist points. You rub some in your hands and start inhaling it. Breathe, just breathe. You start to feel your heart beat slow down to a more ‘normal’ rate. Your thoughts stop racing at 200 miles per hour. You look up, floor 20, next stop. Ok, a few more deep breaths, and you are in control.


A quick swipe behind the ears as you get off the elevator. Head held high, shoulders back, hands on your hips (strike that wonder woman pose), doors open. You step out onto the 23rd floor feeling confident in who you are and why they should want you for the job!

So we are using the oil properties to make personalized blends to give you your power back! To write your New Story! What do you want to create in your life?

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