Calm Baby Tummy

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Sore, upset tummies, burps and colic need a quick gentle remedy so baby can get some rest. Soothe digestive upset with this unique blend of gentle, soothing, therapeutic essential oils. *Fennel oil poses a risk of seizures for people with epilepsy. *Use sparingly during pregnancy.

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This is a unique blend of therapeutic essential oils specifically chosen for their gentle and soothing properties. Safe for your baby, this blend supports healthy digestion and calms sore, upset tummies. Lavender oil calms emotional and physical upsets, chamomile oil relieves cramps and gas while stimulating digestion. Fennel oil is anti-inflammatory and has direct action on the digestive system. Made with love in the Golan Heights. *Fennel oil is not to be used with epileptics. *Use sparingly during pregnancy.

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Essential oils of Fennel, Lavender, and Chamomile, in Almond oil


Rub on baby’s tummy and bottoms of feet. Gently massage to relieve gas, colic and indigestion. Use in morning, before feedings and before bed.


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