Baby Chest Rub


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Your baby’s sleep is precious and so is yours. Our gentle chest rub opens up the airways and helps clear congestion while soothing your baby to sleep. An all-in-one, natural treatment for times when your little one is under the weather. Use whenever your baby is congested and especially before bed so that you can both get the rest you deserve. This nurturing blend of essential oils was put together in a luscious cream, to maximize effectiveness and promote health without compromising the gentle care a baby needs. The calming properties of lavender, chamomile and geranium oils make this a great choice for babies. Ravensara oil works as an expectorant to help baby get the congestion out and enable baby to take deeper breaths. Tea tree oil and clean crisp lemon oil fight infection. Eucalyptus radiata oil acts specifically on the airways, killing infection and relieving inflammation. Frankincense oil brings this blend together, unifying the action of all the oils while promoting spiritual calm and physical health on many levels. This combination maximizes each oil’s power and effect! Made with love in the Golan Heights.


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