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Workshops are a fun way to get a group of women together to experience and learn about essential oils.
I am very passionate about women’s health and I have a lot to say about how we take care of ourselves and our families.
Generally, the workshops I offer are for women only; however, I am all for empowering the men in our lives, and happy to run
workshops geared towards men as well.

Half the interest of a garden is in the constant exercise of the imagination.

-Mrs. C. W. Earle


As a mom of four kids, I want remedies in my home to handle anything that might come up in the middle of the night. I mean,
who screams from ear pain at 10 o’clock in the morning?!¬†Most kids wake up in middle of the night with an ear infection. Having essential oils in your home gives you the ability to start treating your child immediately, day or night. Our workshops offer parents the opportunity to learn how to use some key essential oils and tap into the power of the plant kingdom.
You can be the calm and confident Mama you are designed to be, knowing that you have the tools to handle the most common
family flare ups.
You can’t just open a box of oils and use anything! Knowledge is power and education is crucial. We offer workshops all over the
world in order to help educate and empower you to use oils wisely and confidently!
Digital workshops available as well!