Healing Tools During Tough Emotional Times

As I prepare to travel to the annual doTerra convention in Europe, I am filled with different emotions. I go away alone from my family 1x/year for education, inspiration and connection with this company I love.

This year, the convention is in Germany. That brings up a lot of emotions for me, as a Jewish woman living in Israel. Growing up in New York, we did not go to Synagogue but my parents DID NOT buy German products. This was a strong part of my upbringing.

As I became more involved with Jewish life, I moved towards a Living Torah, Etz HaChaim. A Judaism for today, not the one destroyed in the Europe by the Nazi’s in WWII.

I am packing my bags, saying good-bye to my family and praying to make peace with a history of so much hate and destruction. Feeling greatful for my family and my healing tools.

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